Barker & Barker - Little Liver Treats © - Small Treats - Pouch of 1250

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All Barker & Barker training treats come approved by Puppies & Pom Poms head doggy treat tester Crunchie. These Little Liver Treats©, are small in size meaning lots of rewards can be given throughout the day. They are a suitable size for puppies and small breed dogs. They also come in a refill pack for our handy pot size.  These treats are the first ones that took our Head Taster Crunchies fancy and led us to try the whole range out and find out had fab it was. They are also super low fat if your pooch has had a few too many treats while in lockdown, and are also a great aid for tummy digestion to keep your pooch in tip top health. Also, beware your dog will do anything for these treats.... they are a favourite reward, so let the treat training begin!

Only 0.3Kcal per treat - the lowest per 100g of any treat on the market today

Our treats are all low in fat and salt and high in protein.  They contain no grains (or oats, rice, sweet potato etc.) for the simple reason that none of these forms part of a dogs 'natural' & 'healthy' diet.

Little Liver Treats© are made from only the highest quality, human-grade, natural ingredients of EU, Norwegian or Canadian origin, with no added nasties and nothing artificial

Perfectly sized for repeat reward training or just a tasty anytime treat for the small or medium dog

The ORIGINAL and still THE BEST training treats available today - preferred by top trainers and behaviourists throughout the UK and Europe for over 42 years!

Our Little Liver Treats©, the smallest of our treats, have been sized especially for repeat reward training where you will typically reward a high number of times in one session, whether in an organised class, out and about or at home. Being small and low fat/ low calorie you won't have to worry about adjusting your dogs food intake, which is something you have to consider with all other less healthy treats on the market today - this has helped make them a vets favourite all over the UK.

Although small, Little Liver Treats© are high in taste and will leave your dog wanting more! Great for all breeds and sizes of dog.

Not just for training, our treats are also great as healthy anytime rewards or even add to their wet or raw meals for an added tasty crunch!

For a more substantial treat take a look at our selection of medium or large-sized treats which all contain the same healthy, low-fat ingredients

TREATING TIP: When first introducing Barker & Barker treats to your dog, warm a couple in your hand to raise the characteristic aroma of liver, then carefully snap above your dog’s nose to release the aroma before letting them take the treat - you will then enjoy their undivided attention - guaranteed!


  • 100% natural human grade ingredients - No artificial additives of any kind - No grains, rice, oats or sweet potato
  • Perfectly sized for repeat reward training or anytime treating
  • Only 0.3kcal per treat, low in fat - no weight gain
  • No smell or residue - won't crumble in your hand, pocket or treat bag
  • High in protein - crucial for healthy growth and immune system maintenance
  • Contains minerals that are crucial to maintaining bone, muscle, nerve & coat health
  • Contains B Complex vitamins which can help ward off allergies, infections & stress

Maximum daily allowance:

Mini Breeds/Puppies 8 weeks+ (1-5kg)
10-40 treats
Small Breed (5-15kg)
40-70 treats
Medium Breed (15-22kg)
70-100 treats
Large breed (22-34kg+)
100-150 treats