Dog Walking Personal Security Alarm with Extra Theft Deterrent Twist Locking Carabiner Clip

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Last Set Available: Gold Alarm with a Pink or Blue Clip.

Personal safety bleeper alarm to clip onto your bag and carry as a deterrent while out walking your dog. This is a safety device aimed to draw attention in the event of an attack or theft. 
It is triggered by pulling the loop on its side. This can be replaced to stop the noise. If not put back in it will ring for 60 mins. At 140db it is very loud. Do not put it by yours or yours dogs ears, only use in an emergency. Also has a little led light in it.  Contains batteries which can be replaced. 

Also with

Extra Theft Deterrent Twist Locking Carabiner Clip in Blue or Pink 

Twist Locking Carabiner Clip
Extra Lead Clip Security 
Pet Theft Deterrent
High Strength
Aluminum alloy carabiner
Twist Screw locking
Lightweight, waterproof, wear-resisting and durable.
Can be used for hanging bottles, bags, key rings and as an extra clip on the lead etc.(Not For Climbing.)
Pink or Cyan Blue
Size: 78(L) x 40(W) x 7.5(H)mm

Unfortunately we need to be extra careful that our pets don’t get stolen at the moment. This carabiner clip is a good theft deterrent to keep your lead clip extra secure and put off any opportunist thieves from quickly unclipping the lead. Has a twist mechanism to tighten up along the clip making it more difficult to undo quickly. Also useful for attaching keys, bottles, purses and bags etc. Available in pink or blue.