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Puppies and Pom Poms

Puppies & Pom Poms create adorable, handmade puppy outfits and accessories for the pooch with extra style! The new Cornish Tartan Collection is an essential , and the gorgeous Terrazzo Stars Collection is perfect for starry evening walkies for supawstar pups! As well as our best selling personalised Pom Pom Collars. There is so much to explore on puppiesandpompoms.com and @puppiesandpompoms on Instagram.


Puppies and Pom Poms was originally created as a hobby to distract and occupy me during Covid as normal workdays came to an end. Since I have got my puppy Crunchie Griffin as a companion during Lockdown I have been making her own cute little puppy outfits. I have had had such nice feedback about them that I have decided to create this webpage and setup this shop to share my handmade creations and favourite puppy products and treats with you all.

Puppies and pom poms has grown to combine my love of handmade textile items, clothing and accessories, a slight obsession with pom poms and of course cute puppies. 

You can purchase handmade puppy outfits as I make them and put them up in my online shop, order something custom made or buy a kit from me to make your own handmade puppy outfit at home yourself.

I have selected some of Crunchies favourite treats to sell in her own puppy treat shop, including our own range of carefully sourced all 100% natural tasty biscuits and snacks. Handmade in Cornwall with fish freshly caught dreckly from the seas in Cornwall. I have also picked out some other useful and cute doggy products, and accessories to have in my shop, with some handmade cute items just for humans as well!



  Crunchie Griffin

Head Treat Tester & Doggy Model






Graphic Designer and Textile Artist.


I'm a Graphic Designer and Textile Artist, originally from Cornwall.

I studied an ND in Fine Art at Cornwall College and a BA Hons in Fashion & Textiles at Bournemouth University, with my final Degree collection being shown and highly commended at London Graduate Fashion Week.
I have a love for all things cute, crafty and creative. I like nothing more than having a nice relaxing day, making pretty things to try and make the world a more beautiful and happy place.
Whether i'm helping someone else bring their ideas and events to life through graphic design and printing, or making time to work on my own crafty textile ideas and puppy accessories i'm sure to be busy doing something creative.
You can view examples of my graphic design work on my main website above


Nostalgic Heritage - BA Hons Fashion & Textiles

London Graduate Fashion Week Final Degree Collection

My final degree collection - "Nostalgic Heritage" had many personal influences. I am always very influenced by my immediate surroundings, especially that of the natural beauty of the environment. I chose to use a national Cornish Tartan to represent my heritage and the beauty of Cornwalls coast and countryside. Inspiring colours, textures, fabric and print designs. Past photos of my grandparents inspired me towards late forties and early fifties designs as they are romantically feminine and celebrate the female form.
These are all qualities that i represent in my current textiles and artwork as part of my signature style.

Study of Cornish Rockpools - ND Fine Art

I find the inspiration for my artwork when i am immersed in natural surroundings. I enjoy the colours, textures and moods i can convey in the
simplification and abstraction of my chosen studies.

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