Waterproof Collar - Pastel Vichy - White

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This Trim colour is White but if you would prefer it in Baby Blue, Baby Pink or Yellow then let me know and I can customise it for you. 


A Very sweet and delicate pastel coloured Vichy design sprinkled with little love hearts. Only for the sweetest fur babies! 

Your dog will look very smart, classy, and super sweet on walkies in this gorgeous print.

I have handmade these vegan leather collars myself, with a mix of biothane® and waterproof webbing.

My Dachshund illustrations commissioned exclusively for Puppies&PomPoms® have been printed locally in Spain with specialist UV printing.

The tape is 19-20mm wide and PVC coated. It is much more durable than common polypropylene webbing used for dog collars. It is abrasion resistant, 100% waterproof and bacteria resistant and does not stretch. It is a very durable and resistant waterproof material with a break resistance of up to 210 kg.


With my new collars the buckles and hardware are slightly different. The rose gold is very beautiful and looks very classy. The stainless steel is very hardwearing and lasts better in the water as it doesn’t rust so it is better for active and beach dogs. The 3rd option is stainless steel rivets and a coloured powder coated buckle. This is the most delicate buckle, it is very pretty but needs to be used gently to make sure it doesn’t chip or scratch. 



These necklaces are available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Please note that the sizes here are different than my adjustable textile collars.

Use a soft measuring tape and measure around your dog's neck. Make sure the tape is snug but not tight to ensure correct measurement. Then add a couple of centimeters to the measurement to make sure it fits comfortably and is not too tight or loose. You can check this by comfortably placing your fingers between the dog's neck and the collar to ensure it is not too tight. 

  XS     Neck: 20-28cm    Width: 2cm

★   SMALL    Neck: 28-36cm    Width: 2cm

  MEDIUM     Neck:  34-42cm  Width: 2cm

LARGE     Neck: 40-48cm    Width: 2cm

LARGE   ★    Neck: 46-54cm    Width: 2cm


* They are high quality but not indestructible. Supervise your dog whilst in use and do not allow it to be chewed. These can be gently hand-washed in cold water or spot-washed. A stainless steel hardware option is also available which is much more robust and will stand up to the elements for country and beach life dogs much better than the more fashionable rose gold, plated or colourful but delicate powder-coated fixings. 

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